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The Production Exchange is a registered charity whose objective is to support, mentor and offer opportunity to as many Creative Artists from as widely diverse a catchment as possible. After all, we believe we should represent the society in which we exist.

In order to achieve this aim, we carve out opportunities for these artists to develop their work at all stages of their careers; represent them as their agents; mentor them through the production process; provide work-based learning on real projects; champion artists from minority demographic groups that find themselves marginalised or discriminated against in today’s society. In this last context we have developed a specialism in representing and supporting the development of D/deaf and Gender Fluid artists.

Your financial support can make a massive difference to them and to us - and it's so easy to achieve! Just complete the form linked above and transfer your donation electronically.

In line with our charitable objective we have inaugurated a small, quick response fund to provide some low level financial support for projects and ideas to be developed by clients of The Production Exchange Management.​

We are currently further developing our Clients' Projects Support Fund to allow us to support our clients as they continue to recover from the COVID 19 pandemic and develop new ways of working.  ​

The fund is targeted at supporting clients of the agency and is intended to provide opportunity for other clients of the agency to be participants in the funded projects. We welcome donations to the fund and would ask you to complete the form linked below and along with the Gift Aid Declaration.

Alternatively you could donate to our Overheads. These form a small but significant part of our annual budget. Thanks in no small part to the generosity of the Somerset House we have inexpensive office costs, but they do still exist. We are thriving and growing but there are salaries, phones, stationery and all the usual collateral expenditure that running a small charity entails.

None of this is getting any cheaper. We have undertaken to keep these overheads to a minimum but without such expenditure the charity will find administrating its affairs all but impossible. We welcome General Donations and would ask you to complete the form linked above and along with the Gift Aid Declaration.

In the near future we will be launching a new Friends of The Production Exchange scheme. It will play a critical role in our mission deliver more projects and to represent and develop more talented artists. Expansion is a huge challenge for a small organisation. We have reached a really significant and exciting point in the charity’s development. The challenge is to build our capacity through additional staffing and physical resources. This will enable us to take the next massively exciting next step where we can support more, mentor more and offer many more opportunities.

A compilation image of various TPE theatre productions