The Production Exchange is always on the lookout for people and companies who would like to work with us. Whether you have no experience at all or whether you just need a bit of advice we're here to help.

Our charitable objective focusses on people at the start of their careers. Recently we have taken the decision to broaden the scope of our work to include people at every stage of their careers who would benefit from an association with us and the skills and experience we can offer.

The offer comprises a wide very wide range of services from simple oversight of creative, logistical and financial Planning; Production Marketing; support for Applications to Funding Bodies to full Co-production or General Management arrangements. We will tailor our work, at a very reasonable and affordable cost, to your requirements.

We have a wide range of expertise in all areas of theatre-making in both commercial and subsidised sectors and would love to hear from you about how you and/or your company might like to work with us. Just email us and we'll come straight back to you.

We have worked with numerous companies and individuals over the past decade and our new focus. Here are just a few of them: Hawkseed Theatre, Animikii Theatre, Arora Arts, Big Bear Theatre Company, Cambridge Devised Theatre, Cavendish Hale Talent Management, DJWA Talent, Dragonboy Theatre Company, Guttersnipe Theatre Company, Hinged Dance Company, Hot Coals Theatre Company, Jane Nightwork Productions, Merely Theatre, Milroyd Productions, Out of Spite Theatre Company, Red Handed Theatre Company, Sam Bradshaw Productions, The Ladida Group, Time Zone Theatre Ltd, Two Bit Classics

The first consultation with us is always free of charge.