Southwark Playhouse Borough
April 18, 2024
May 4, 2024

YOU ARE GOING TO DIE is the new performance work from Adam Scott-Rowley, Creator of the sixteen ★★★★★ awarded, international touring show THIS IS NOT CULTURALLY SIGNIFICANT.

Performed entirely naked, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE is a nail-biting descent into existential anxiety as humanity stares down the proverbial toilet.

A surreal meditation on annihilation that rests on the knife edge between physical theatre and performance art. Ideograms and archetypal forms offer a shared purge illuminating the darkest corners of the human psyche whilst revealing compassion and humour in the most unlikely of places.

TPE Artistic Director Colin Blumenau comments:
“I’ve known Adam’s work for a number of years and I have yet to encounter a more individual and beautiful artist. His work is comparable with some of the great physical artists of previous eras. What he has to say about life, its meaning and its travails, is comic and tragic in equal measure and superbly conceived and performed. I couldn’t be more delighted to be associated with this seminal work.”


"Scott-Rowley’s incredible physical performance is utterly captivating, holding the
audience with every pained gesture and moment of levity.” -  British Theatre Guide

"The overall effect is both monstrous and magical..” -  The Skinny

“A physical theatre masterpiece. It is entirely absorbing, entertaining, humorous but
hitting really poignant spots in every audience member.” -  Get the Chance Wales
“A crowd-pleasing, brilliantly vulgar spectacle... it serves as a jubilant, much-needed,
collective catharsis..” –  Fringe Biscuit

“Physically astonishing and vocally brilliant 60 minutes hovers between tragedy and
farce, dread and hilarity.” -  Lyn Gardner for The Stage


Created and performed by Adam Scott-Rowley

Co-created with Joseph Prowen and Tom Morley

Lighting Designed by Matt Cater

Finale Song Composition by Phil McDonnell

Production Images by Ryan Buchanan


Adam Scott-Rowley