UK Tour
February 14, 2023
March 12, 2023

Will she stop the baby crying, exact revenge on the school bully, fall in love and be loved, protest to change the world, accept advice from her mother’s friends, come to terms with an unexpected illness, and grow old with dignity?  Come and see.

Loosely inspired by The Seven Ages of Man speech in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, SHE is an enthralling new play, comprised of seven short plays, for two versatile actors playing over fourteen characters.

Charting the experiences of different women from childhood to old age, these stories, each with an intriguing twist, are visceral, poignant, and laced with humour.‘Unpredictable. Fun. Shocking. Illuminating’.

“A superb piece … thought-provoking and highly entertaining work” The Upcoming ★★★★★ on Theatre Accord’s last production Paradise of the Assassins

Age 14+

‘Some  bad language and some scenes and references to incidents that some may find distressing’

120 mins approx. (including interval)

Anthony Clark

Directed by Maddy Corner and Poppy Sutch

Designed by Jessica Curtis