Sutton Coldfield Town Hall
December 6, 2022
December 31, 2022

The country has run out of herbs. Ginger sneaks into Ragwort the witch's herb-garden to 'borrow' some.  Bad move. Caught! The witch threatens the village with immediate extinction unless Ginger and Sorrel give her their daughter. With tears and tantrums, Rapunzel has to go with Ragwort who locks her up in a tower without a door forever and ever. The only way to reach her is by climbing up her extremely long hair. The only people around to save Rapunzel are bonkers Hyacinth Horseradish and a wise old owl called Sage. Years and years pass by with Ginger and Sorrel getting sadder and sadder, Ragwort getting badder and badder and Hyacinth Horseradish getting madder and madder. Oh, and there's a fire-eating worm as well! But one day the handsome rapping Prince Rapscallion rides by and hears Rapunzel singing in her tower, and from this moment the world will never be the same again. . .

Daniel O'Brien

Directed by Colin Blumenau

Designed by Roma Farnell

Musical Director - Matthew Bugg

Choreography - CiCi Howells

Lighting Design - Bram Lea

Sound - Aidan Jones

Produced by - Florrie Wilby