Salisbury Playhouse
July 12, 2021
July 16, 2021

The Production Exchange supported by Comic Relief's LGBTQ+ COVID-19 Recovery Fund, in partnership with METRO Charity and NAZ,in association with Everyman Theatre Cheltenham, Jersey Arts Centre, Northcott Theatre, Exeter and Wiltshire Creative.

In recent years transgender lives have been the focus of ever-increasing (if often unhelpful) media attention. As trans people find their voices, gender-critical forces push back at what they see as trans ideology. The so-called trans debate has been fuelled by mutual mistrust, fear and even hatred - overt or otherwise – expressed in rhetoric sadly familiar to gay men, lesbians and People of Colour. All the while, trans people – in all their remarkable diversity – are, for the most part, just trying to live their lives and assert trans identity as just another way of being human.

Co-devised by actress, singer & trans advocate Kim Tatum (aka Mzz Kimberley) and playwright Brendan Murray , How Sweet the Sound is a major new play set at the interface of trans lives and gender-critical politics.

Growing out of months of research, conversations and interviews, the play centres on a safe-house in South London and tells the interweaving story of five trans and three cis characters.​

Deliberately accessible but never simplistic, How Sweet the Sound puts the diversity, complexity and humanity of trans stories front and centre and argues for a world not that tolerates - or even accepts – but truly celebrates every way of being human.

​We are delighted to welcome the following artists to help us develop the play.

Kim Tatum and Brendan Murray

Directed by Sarah Meadows

Assistant Directed by Livi Dunlop

Musical Director Luke Potter