Sutton Coldfield Town Hall
December 7, 2021
December 24, 2021

Imagine a time when winters were cold and the snow lay deep on the frozen hard ground. Imagine a palace where the fountains spouted icicles not water. Imagine a forest where the big brown Russian bears crept into their lairs when the first snowflakes began to fall. They hibernated all winter long to escape the snow and the wind and the ice.

Now imagine a draughty old country house kept warm only by a fire burning in the kitchen fireplace … and that it was your job to keep the fire burning! Out in all weathers collecting wood. Out in all weathers fetching water from the frozen well. And sleeping in the ashes of the fireplace, the only place warm enough, because your wicked stepmother the Countess Covidella and your ugly stepsisters Griselda and Gretchen were too mean to let you sleep in a bed.

That’s what happened to poor Cinderella and this is the story of how she dreamed of escape, of being warm and of meeting a handsome Prince who could save her from this miserable life.

After the huge success of Aladdin in 2019, the Production Exchange comes back to the Town Hall with a great cast of actor musicians, beautiful scenery, lovely costumes and a brilliant young ensemble. The story is a classic and we hope that the production will be the same!

Daniel O'Brien

Directed by Colin Blumenau

Musical Director - Matthew Bugg

Choreographer - CiCi Howells

Costume Designer - Suzanne Harris

Designer - Sophia Pardon

Lighting Designer - Jacob Gowler


Ben Boskovic - Prince Charming

Annabelle Brown - Gloriana, The Fairy Godmother

Matthew Bugg - Griselda, Ugly Sister

CiCi Howells - Button

Ben Pulman - Gretchen, Ugly Sister

Elizabeth Robin - Cinderella

Anna Tolputt - Grimallova, Wicked Stepmother