Above The Arts
November 2, 2017
November 2, 2017

A persistently funny, acutely moving exploration of twenty-first century family life.

When Helena [Vicky Pepperdine] and Rajiv [Stephen Henry] organise a dinner party in a home borrowed from Rajiv’s old friend Martin [Robert Hands] in order to impress Patience [Maureen Lipman] one of the governors at their son’s prospective new school, the night rapidly spirals out of their control.

To back up the pretence Rajiv’s mother Nirmala [Shobu Kapoor] is doing the cooking, and Martin has agreed to invite a novelist friend (whom they know to be a favourite of Patience’s) as a touch of glamour. It is a risky strategy, but they have planned every detail.

It starts to go wrong almost immediately. Patience’s husband does not attend at the last minute, and Martin does not bring his (female) novelist friend, but his new (male) partner João [Milton Lopes]. Ever more stressful comic complications ensue BUT once dinner is served, luck finally goes Helena and Rajiv’s way, and Patience ends up asking them to please make sure they apply for their son to attend her school.

With success in their grasp, Helena and Rajiv’s plan unravels – not because of flaws in their strategy, but due to secrets in their marriage they have avoided for years. As the evening’s ADMISSIONS pile up, so do the emotional stakes.

Carl Miller

Directed by Colin Blumenau


Maureen Lipman

Shobu Kapoor

Stephen Henry

Vicki Pepperdine

Robert Hands  

Milton Lopes