Phil Sealey

Recently, Phil starred as Gordon Brown in the UK Tour of TONY! THE TONY BLAIR ROCK OPERA - with a run in London & at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Height: 5ft6in (167cm)

Playing Age: 35-45

Appearance: White

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Vocal Range: G2-B4

Native Accent: Birmingham, RP

Represented by Ben Oliver
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"Phil Sealey gets all the best songs as cross-dresser Phil’s Phil’s story that brings out the best in Black and co-composer and lyricist Murray Lachlan Young".
The Guardian; Rehab: The Musical, Playground Theatre - London
"Phil Sealey as Phil Newman performs a really heartfelt character arc...with some of the best, tender, songs".
WhatsOnStage; Rehab: The Musical, Playground Theatre - London
“Sealey melts and breaks hearts in equal measure with his wonderful portrayal of compulsive over-eater Phil(ippa), being both funny and poignant in nearly every scene he’s in".
Musical Theatre Review; Rehab: The Musical, Playground Theatre - London
“Phil Sealey is an absolute standout as Phil Newman, delivering one of the most touching moments in his number ‘Ordinary Girl’”.
AllThatDazzles; Rehab: The Musical, Playground Theatre - London
"Phil Sealey almost steals the show".
BritishTheatre; Jack and the Beanstalk, Mercury Theatre - Colchester
"A touching and often downright hilarious performance from Phil Sealey as Sir Charles".
The Stage; Princess Caraboo, Finborough Theatre
"And to make Gordon Brown into a bumbling cry baby shows what a fine actor Phil Sealey is".
Family Addiars and Other Matters; Tony! The Tony Blair Rock Opera, Leicester Square Theatre

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