Esmée Cook

Currently, Esmée can be seen in the UK & International Tour of THE LION INSIDE.

Height: 5ft10in (177cm)

Playing Age: 20-28

Appearance: White

Eye Colour: Blue-Green

Hair Colour: Red/Titian

Vocal Range: E3 to A6 (belt to F5)

Native Accent: RP

Represented by Colin Blumenau
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"Esmée Cook play[ed] an especially tender Lysander".
Bristol247; A Midsummer Night's Dream, Insane Root Theatre
"Esmée Cook’s apparently bumptious but frighteningly brittle call girl, wedded to outdated notions of social class, is perhaps the most successful, achieving layers of humour and sadness in a very short time".
All Edinburgh Theatre; Eight, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
"Even more standout are the performances. Esmée Cook imbues Candie with fabulous comic timing and a sense of frazzled practicality and dippy self-assurance, marking herself out as a talent to watch".
The Reviews Hub; The Kindness of Strangers, Vault Festival
"Since watching this show I definitely intend to follow Esmée Cook’s career, as I was absolutely captivated by her every time she was on stage".
Evulve Productions; The Big O, Uk Tour

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