Daniel Bravo in SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER at English Theatre Frankfurt

April 20, 2023
Daniel Bravo has opened in SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER at the English Theatre Frankfurt - playing until 7th June.

A Southern Gothic mystery by Tennessee Williams

New Orleans, 1937.

Last summer, Sebastian Venable died and everything changed. Now, Mrs Venable begins a brutal battle for the truth of her son’s death, with Catherine, Sebastian’s cousin.

Catherine was on holiday with Sebastian when he died and her story is so shocking that it must be silenced before it destroys the family. She has been placed into a mental institution to help her recover from her apparent madness – but Catherine refuses to remain silent. In the garden of Mrs Venable’s mansion, she summons a young doctor who is in need of investment for his experimental brain surgeries. Mrs Venable offers the doctor a source of funding – and the potential perfect patient in the form of Catherine. The stage is set for a devastating encounter between two women who have everything to lose, as they fight over the truth of Sebastian’s death – and for their own survival.

Casting by Marc Frankum.

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