BLOOD HARMONY - starring Philippa Hogg - is in Time Out's Top 15 of the Best Theatre Shows at Edinburgh Fringe

December 5, 2022

Traverse Theatre 2nd - 28th August.

Sisters Anna, Maia, and Chloe have lost their mum. And now, thrown together in the attic of their childhood home, they must work out what happens next. High-flying Anna wants to swoop in and problem solve, whilst chaotic Maia can’t stop cracking jokes, and caught in the middle is Chloe, who cared for their mum at the end of her life. The trio have never seen eye-to-eye, and without Mum holding them together, what’s to stop them falling apart?

Featuring songs from Atlantic Records artists The Staves, beautiful harmonies and stunning visuals, Blood Harmony is an uplifting and universal story about moving on, and the healing power of family – love them or loathe them. Created by award-winning theatre company ThickSkin (How Not to Drown, Eavesdropping), this is a show for anyone who’s ever shared tears and laughter to cope with loss. A show that’ll make you want to pull your family closer, and hold them tighter.