Tim Luscombe

Tim Luscombe directed Noel Coward in the 80s, ran the London Gay Theatre Company in the 90s, wrote plays about Europe in the 00s and adapted Jane Austen novels into plays in the 10s.

His auto-fiction book Learning German (badly) was published in 2018, since when he has been writing a novel (a Brexit parable set on top of a Swiss Alp in 1730) and the libretto for a new musical commissioned by the Robert Stigwood Organisation.

Learning German (badly)

Tim’s first book – a non-fiction comic diary about living in Germany and Brexit is now available to order online. It is published by Claret Press. For a copy of the book you can either order online, order a copy in your local book shop, or contact Claret Press.

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"Just finished this marvellously funny, impassioned, erudite, disarmingly candid and self-aware first book by my old theatrical colleague and Europhile friend. Unreservedly recommended."
Jason Carr, Amazon Book Review; Learning German Badly, Tim as Author
"I absolutely loved this, even though, as a memoir of the 2016 referendum, I knew how it was going to end! At times it's massively poignant, at times laugh out loud funny, and always engaging and full of charm! A brilliant take on Brexit from a brilliant mind!"
Corin Buckeridge, Amazon Book Review; Learning German Badly, Tim as Author
"This deft adaptation preserves all the wit and charm of the original, Austen’s sparkling dialogue transfers perfectly from page to stage with divinely witty dialogue. Here is Austen that puts the bubble into Bath."
J D Atkinson, British Theatre Guide; Northanger Abbey, Tim as Dramatist
"This production neither plays it too safe nor seeks the extremes of the avant-garde; the kind one hopes for from a theatre such as the Salisbury Playhouse…It shows why Britain needs provincial theatres producing their own plays, offering a middle way between the high art of London’s creative powerhouses and the vanilla mediocrity of most commercial productions. As so many provincial theatres are becoming merely waystops for low-calorie rehashes of West End blockbusters, it is good to know there are some beacons out there for us non-metropolitans."
The Independent; The Rivals, Tim as Director
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