Eliot Giuralarocca

Eliot is an award-nominated, freelance Director and Theatre maker.

He writes, adapts and creates new work to tour throughout the UK and International and is a great believer in artistic collaboration. As ArtisticDirector of Dragonboy Productions he specialises in ensemble storytelling, often working with actor/musicians to create bold and exciting visual theatrewith live music. He also directs for other companies and is an artistic associate of Blackeyed Theatre.

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"A masterful retelling...unique and utterly captivating. Theatrical storytelling at its finest...breath-taking."
Daily Express; Frankenstein, UK Tour
"Beautifully crafted...A masterpiece of timing. This production is a must-see for fans of the ensemble piece."
Remote Goat; The Great Gatsby, UK Tour
"A master class in direction from Eliot Giuralarocca...a wonderfully emotional theatrical experience captivating the audience from start to finish... I would urge anyone to go and see this."
Do More Magazine; Not About Heroes, UK Tour
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