Dougie Blaxland

The recipient of four Peggy Ramsay Grants, Dougie recently worked in collaboration with the celebrated former British Black Boxer Vernon Vanriel on a new play about the Windrush Scandal, On The Ropes, which was staged at Park Theatre, London in January 2023 and is scheduled for a UK wide tour in Autumn 2024.

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"Hands Up for Jonny Wilkinson’s Right Boot is theatre of the highest quality. It is entertaining, thought-provoking and far transcends the rugby field."
British Theatre Guide; Hands Up For Jonny Wilkinson's Right Boot (UK Tour)
"A beautifully crafted piece of theatre that captures both the dazzling swagger of Laurie Cunningham and the ugliness of racism in Britain in the 1970’s."
The Telegraph; Getting The Third Degree (UK Tour)
"Dougie Blaxland’s play brought into sharp focus the plight of homelessness and the struggle rough sleepers have trying to get into the system, how easy it is to get lost in that system, and how faceless our society has become."
The Guardian; Unknown, Greenwich Theatre & UK Tour
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