Sasha Wilson

Sasha Wilson is an LAMDA-trained actor, musician and writer. She founded Out Of The Forest Theatre in 2017 and has been creating historically driven feminist work that sometimes ventures in to the macabre.

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★★★★ "That the stories of those who were once silenced are being kept alive in this absorbing and enriching play is commendable.​​"
LondonTheatre1; Call Me Fury, The Hope Theatre (2019)
"It’s like spell: a good spell...mixes an irreverent sly wit with a growing sense of horror."
Lyn Gardner; Call Me Fury, The Hope Theatre (2019)
★★★★ "Sasha Wilson is particularly compelling when she filters Lizzie through the lens of her own experience...the piece was rich and evocative, expertly conjuring the feeling of vaudevillian horror."
TheatreBox; Bury The Hatchet, The Hope Theatre (2018)
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